In winter, when the heating is turned on, many complain that the skin becomes too dry. And for me, whose skin always dries even in a normal state, in general there comes a full guard in winter. So in winter you have to regularly set aside time to take care of the most problematic areas.

First of all, the feet. Smearing cream at night and putting on socks is a proven recipe, but many are lazy. Although this is what really works. I use Neutrogena Intensive Callus Cream Foot Care (Callus and Callus Cream) in cycles, alternating with any regular foot cream. Although Neutrogena cream is originally intended for corns, I apply it on the entire foot: the acids in the cream exfoliate the top layer of the skin well, and then its (cream) moisturizing components come into play.

For hands, you can use the simplest cream and add vitamin A there. I have vitamins in capsules, so I put a little cream on my palm, squeeze out the contents of one capsule, mix and then evenly distribute it on both hands. It’s probably easier to use an aqueous solution of vitamin A, but I’m more used to capsules.

And of course, do not forget about taking vitamins inside 🙂 In winter, I drink complexes with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 or separately these acids in capsules. As I understand it, this is the same fish oil that our parents were stuffed with in childhood, only presented in a more convenient and pleasant form for consumption. It is very useful for the skin and the whole organism as a whole.

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