How to wear the tragus piercing today

We were looking for inspiration for the next piercing – and came across a piercing trend from the 90s. How to wear the tragus piercing today.

elix, tragus, snugg and co. – small pieces of jewelry on the ear underline your personal style. The piercing trend of the “curated ear”, i.e. the carefully decorated ear, turns your ear into a total work of art. Chiara Ferragni, Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Richie (who designs super pretty jewelry herself) are famous fans.

The tragus piercing is a classic. Whether as a ring or as a plug – we love this piercing trend! Where the piercing came from, how it’s done plus inspiration on how to wear the tragus piercing today .

The tragus piercing was first seen in the punk scene. Alongside the helix, it has been one of the most popular ear cartilage piercings since the 1990s.

Tragus is Greek and means “goat”. The tragus piercing got its name from the fact that it is pierced on the cartilage mound, the «lamina tragi».

Tragus piercing coming soon

Where : Through the cartilage at the entrance of the auditory canal

Jewelry : Rings or studs with attachments. A labret plug is recommended as a first use.

Healing : 3 – 12 months

How to wear the tragus piercing today?

The tragus piercing is pierced through the small, thick cartilage part at the ear entrance. Both rings and small plugs are suitable as piercings.

The tragus piercing looks particularly pretty in combination with other piercings, such as constellation piercings.

Does a tragus piercing hurt?

Every piercing involves a little pain. A tragus piercing should therefore be done by an expert and in any case not shot. Piercers use a straight or curved hollow needle.

Since the ear cartilage is well supplied with blood, slight bleeding can occur when it is pierced. This is normal and will heal after a short time. And we are happy to accept that for the nice result!

By the way : The tragus is also an acupuncture point and is supposed to provide relaxation . One more reason to venture into the piercing studio.

Can a piercing damage the facial nerve?

Contrary to many rumours, it is not possible to damage the facial nerve through piercing. However, the tragus piercing is close by. Therefore, one should be very careful with inflammation.

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