7 beauty sins that everyone has already committed

Everyone has made at least one of these care mistakes – including us. But now we promise improvement. And help with troubleshooting.

Ob Pimples, redness or dryness: the skin shows no mercy and reacts immediately to care and other beauty offenses against the face and body. You often don’t even know what you did wrong. However, because ignorance does not protect against punishment, it is high time for troubleshooting.

7 typical beauty sins – and how to avoid them:

Washed too hot

1 Hot water may feel good. But it doesn’t do you any good. In any case, excessively high washing temperatures remove an excessive amount of fat and moisture from our skin, so that it often feels tight or flaky after cleaning .

Better : wash with maximum lukewarm water. It is even gentler if you use a washcloth to clean it. This reduces water contact, but still cleans thoroughly.

exposure time ignored

2 A frequent beauty sin is too short a contact time for the care product. Day creams in particular are often only applied quickly before make-up . Instead of penetrating the skin, the care only combines with the make-up if there is insufficient exposure time and is therefore limited in its effectiveness. Many people also lack patience when applying serums and wearing masks .

Better: For masks, note the exact exposure time information on the packaging. With serums and creams, wait at least until the applied amount of care has completely absorbed. It’s best to do something else during this time, such as braiding one of these hairstyles:

Care applied too gently

3 Many people make the mistake of touching the skin too carefully when applying care or just spreading the cream on quickly. A light massage not only supports the care when it is absorbed, but also activates the cell’s own micromechanisms, which are so important for regeneration and the skin’s immune system.

Better: Take your time to consciously work the care into the skin. Make sure you apply pressure that stimulates the skin but does not irritate it. It is best to use the little fingers and ring fingers for massaging; this automatically reduces the pressure to an acceptable level. You should never work with your index fingers, especially around the sensitive eye area.

Which care suits your skin? 

Lack of UV protection

4 It cannot be said often enough: UV radiation is one of the biggest triggers for premature skin aging. The development of skin cancer can also be favored by a lack of UV protection. Unfortunately, far too few are still using a daily SPF. Because not only those who tan in midsummer should protect their skin from the sun.

Better : Day care products that already have integrated UV protection make dermatological safety suitable for everyday use. Use this care all year round. Because even in winter and when the sky is overcast, the radiation intensity is high enough to damage sensitive skin . In summer, it is best to use an invisible facemist with SPF 50, which you can spray over make-up like a setting spray.

8 beauty sins

Not made up

5 Especially after long nights of partying, it sometimes happens that you simply fall into bed without first removing your make-up. The punishment for this can already be seen the next morning: the skin looks pale and dry. The particles of the make-up lay over the pores and clog them. Small blackheads and even redness often form from this.

Better : Dried make-up residues can best be removed the next morning with a rich oil treatment. To do this, a generous amount of pure coconut oil is massaged into the skin. The eye area can also be treated carefully with it. Then let the whole thing take effect for a few minutes and remove the oil with a soft towel. If there are still residues, repeat the process again. You can find even more ideas on how to use coconut oil for your skin here .

No shaving cream used

6 The shaving cream was empty and you just used shower gel instead? Then your skin will now feel drier than usual, since shower gel does not contain the same moisturizing essences as foam specially designed for shaving .

Better yet, if you don’t have shaving cream handy, you can prevent skin from drying out by massaging a few drops (well, guess what?) of coconut oil into still-damp skin before drying it off. The oil combines with the water to form a particularly nourishing emulsion, leaves the skin feeling pleasant and prevents skin irritation.

Too dark makeup used

7 Applying a foundation shade that is too sunny to winter-pale skin not only makes the complexion look artificial, but also risks the appearance of unsightly edges.

Better: If you don’t have make-up that matches your complexion, the best way to prevent matching errors is to use a little trick: simply mix some moisturizing cream and a pinch of loose, transparent powder into the make-up that is too dark. And the color not only appears lighter, but also a nuance lighter.

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