The joy of getting back dressed

The joy of getting back dressed

 I’ve written before about the effects of dress on emotions, but this time the topic focuses more on how you can make yourself feel better with your own style choices.

This post originated from my own recent illness and how one can personally influence emotions through dress.

You dress for the emotion every day

What does that title mean in practice? You dress according to the feeling you have when choosing clothes. When you’re happy, you’ll probably grab the patterns, bright colors, or even your favorite shirt where you know you look great. On a worse day, on the other hand, he prefers to choose something but from the closet and a little chants about what it looks like. At least this happens very often.
Now I was a little more tired and nothing amused me. So, of course, I chose the most casual clothes possible, as style wasn’t paramount right now.
Eye disease prevented terminal work, reading, and many other normal day-to-day activities. 
At the same time, another long-term illness also appeared during the hospital visit, so the feeling became rather numb.
When you find yourself on the ground, one easy way to bring joy back is to use dress and your own style to help. Choose those clothes where you feel beautiful, because believe it or not, small changes have a big impact.


The easiest of colors is to get started

The colors you wear play a big role in your emotions. There has been a lot of talk about so-called dopamine colors during the corona, that is, bright and cheerful colors that make you happy just by looking.
If bright colors are not your thing, then choose the colors that are best for you. A quick way to know those best colors is with color analysis.
Or simply choose the colors you love, as you will always feel good on the outside. Dressing in the color you love will bring joy to your life. And if that color is black, then let it go. Black is considered a depressing color, but I think you give meaning to color yourself.


Which style is right?

What style of clothing, then, should be chosen to bring joy back to life? The kind you love where you feel great and know that your style will look whatever you want.
For when you wear what you love you bring that feeling more into your life. For one it means a casing dress and a blazer, for another it means an oversized cardigan and leggings. 
By paying a little more of your own style and dress, you will start to feel better again,
Usually you can only control when you want to dress better and change your style to one that does not reflect you. That’s when you feel like you’re wearing a mask every day and not on your own.

Quick advice:

  • Think of colors that will bring you joy
  • Dress in the clothes you love
  • Choose clothes where you know you look great
  • In the morning, consciously choose which feeling you want to wear in front of the wardrobe
  • Invest in dress and wear accessories you love
  • You are important and so is your style. 
  • Feel free to take the time yourself as well

It has a few tips for bringing joy in dressing. Quite often it doesn’t really matter what you choose to wear the day or that it has an impact on other areas of life as well.

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