How do I take the clothes of past decades back in style?

I got a question about how to put the clothes of the past decades back into use? For there is already a lot of clothing in the world and an environmentally friendly culture would rather use or repair than throw away.

That is, if there is a vintage treasure in your closet, then this post will give you the keys to use it.


Fashion goes in cycles

The past decades are really affecting the fashion on the surface of the assembler. Now that ysäri and zero fashion are clearly visible in fashion, they too were originally inspired by previous decades at that time. However, each cycle brings something new to the old fashion and usually the changes are quite practical and functional.
However, when you have to see the same cycles return many times during your own life, it is not the best option, for example, to get dressed in the fashion of your teens. Because then you can easily get the image that your style has not evolved from those years but stuck to the past.


By resizing, I don’t mean when my own old clothes “shrink” in the closet. 🙂
But first, the clothes of the past decades are the same size as the current sizes. There are also differences in their sizing and in the body models to which they are made. For example, before the clothes were made for shorter people. So it is definitely a good idea to always match your vintage clothes before you buy.
As one example, I could cite the infamous Kim Kardashian’s Met gala outfit here. She introduced the iconic and authentic Marilyn Monroe party dress, which had been worn only by the star herself and was made to order just for her.
Kim first had to lose weight to fit Marilyn’s dress. but he did not consider his own body model at all compared to Marilyn’s body.
Both are curvy but Kim pear and originally famous just for her plush butt. Marilyn, on the other hand, is an hourglass and although her butt has made her famous, her body is quite different.
So after the party, it’s sad to see an iconic costume that should have been ruined in the museum and the seams torn.

Edits respecting the old

When putting on old clothes, it is worthwhile to put in a seamstress. This will make the sizes fit your body.
At the same time, it is good to check the other condition of the garment and whether some other things need repair. Modernization can, of course, be done, but you should always respect the old, otherwise the whole vintage will lose its meaning.



Combine classic and modern

Classic is always a good addition to vintage. It brings timelessness and style to the outfit and is easy to combine with just about anything.
If the outfit is still too old for your norm, then it will easily give it a more modern look, even with the help of accessories. Modernity means that you don’t look back with the time machine, but bring out the vintage in style.
Of course, if you even take part in a fitness style ride or theme party, then you should definitely bring out the style of that decade, even from head to toe.

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