It so happened that lately several personally acquaintances of women aged 50+, out of old memory, began to ask me about what they should do with their face, is it time to inject Botox, if to inject, then who, and if not to inject, then what do it instead to defeat wrinkles. By old memory – because I used to write a lot about cosmetics and procedures, went to presentations of new protocols and drugs, visited profile exhibitions regularly and, in general, was aware of what was happening.

Now I have fallen out of this beauty clip a little. But about the struggle with age, I still have something to say. Especially for those who want to urgently run and prick something for themselves, and if not prick, then at least polish it. So …

– First and foremost, we live in a real dynamic world. Today, when everything is ruled by a static picture in social networks, driven through filters, we somehow began to forget that in reality, those around us see and evaluate us in dynamics. And their brain reads much more than just the presence or absence of wrinkles on the face and signs of cellulite on the ass. Moreover, neither cellulite nor wrinkles will most of the people they meet stare at. Much more important is the overall impression that is obtained in the end. That it will be read first and dominate. And that is why the first and most important thing – well, at least in my opinion – is your body as a whole, posture and plasticity of movements. Posture is generally the holy of all saints. with the correct setting of the body – and the belly will seem smaller, and wrinkles on the neck will be less formed. And most importantly, you will not give the impression of a person who is weighed down by the burden of past years.

Next, it is very important how you move. Ease of movement in general, agility of the joints, some “springiness”, gait. If you carefully look at, for example, the film The Irishman, you will notice that in the part where De Niro portrays a young man, of course, his face was well rejuvenated by computer graphics. But his movement mechanics are the same as those of an elderly person. Heavy, slightly slow, clumsy. Therefore, first of all, I would talk about how posture and physical activity are important for a visually youthful impression. Weight plays a role most often. Because the lighter the body, the more mobile it will be and the dynamics of movements will be easier.

– Very similar to the previous point – facial expressions and facial expressions. The larger the number in the passport, the stronger our face is fixed in the usual mimic mask. This affects the tone of the skin, the very wrinkles. And visually, this “stiffness” is read much stronger than wrinkles. Therefore, make it a habit to practice various facial relaxation practices. Maybe that’s where Botox comes in handy. But I advise you to start with various meditations and conscious efforts to relax, as well as with a course of good facial massage. – Hairstyle plays an important role. Firstly, cutting and styling should not look like “I have been going with this hairstyle for twenty years”. Secondly, the right colorist will select the shade so that your face – color, facial features – look more advantageous. Pay attention to the roots of the hair. Often those who dye their hair in dark shades, unpainted roots give the impression of small bald patches. It may be better to choose a lighter tone that will not contrast too much with the skin. Now the trend is gray. But gray hair looks very beautiful when the hair is not overdried.


– Much stronger than wrinkles, age gives out the general condition of the skin: with age, many people develop pigmentation to one degree or another, often rosacea and red blood vessels (especially in hypertensive patients), and, of course, enlarged pores. Here, products that even out skin tone, good sun protection will help (however, it will help at any age). Also steer clear of any heavy foundations and opt for lighter textures that won’t accentuate imperfections.

– Teeth! Teeth are more important than any wrinkles. Therefore, if you have saved up money to improve your appearance, it may be better to spend it on an orthodontist. It is especially important if you have increased malocclusion or some teeth are at risk of extraction/destruction. The correct dentition plays a very important role in keeping the oval of the face. And in general, good healthy teeth – plus a hundred points to look young.

– Statements. You can reshape your entire face with an ideal surgeon, lose 30 kilograms, put on a short skirt. But if you turn on this “before it was better”, “I don’t understand this new fashion” and other such things, all your efforts come to naught. Because it immediately betrays everything, not only and not so much your age. And the fact that you stayed somewhere far away in the past. And they didn’t just stay. After all, you may actually like the old music more than the new. But the question is that you are irreconcilable to the new.


In general, to summarize, what would I advise everyone:

– daily posture exercises, walking, dancing. And best of all – all this together. Right here I want to develop a training system for this age category. So if anyone is nearby, get in touch.

– meditation and exercises to relax the muscles of the face.

– find your own hair stylist who will pick up the color and haircut

– make makeup expressive, but with the help of a minimum amount of funds and light textures. It is also very important to read the current trends, and not to sculpt during the day the arrows that were in fashion 15 years ago.

– regular sun protection. Remedies for pigmentation.

– Orthodontist! I’m going to put an exclamation mark here.

– Do not try to actively “be younger”, but keep an interest in life, cheerfulness, openness to everything new.

And if we return to the procedures in the salon, then I advise everyone to start with active moisturizing and a good massage. And there you will see.

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