This spring and summer, everything that is bright green has struck and continues to strike. Hard. So it goes without saying that when I saw these * absolutely gorgeous Lindex silk pants, I immediately fell in love.
This spring and summer I’ve been really drawn into everything and anything that is bright green. And I mean, really drawn into. Therefore it went without saying that when I spotted this * gorgeous pair of green silky trousers from Lindex, it was definitely love at first sight. 
Silk trousers summer fashion // Silk trousers summer fashion


These are really perfect summer pants, because despite the bright color, the pants are really versatile and easy to style for many different occasions. And even super comfortable and light on top! The elastic waist does not tighten or squeeze and the relaxed, slightly wider straight design and lightweight material ensure that the legs are allowed to flutter freely in the wind. 


These are without a doubt the perfect pair of summer trousers. Despite the bright color they are actually very multifunctional and easy to style into different outfits for different occasions. And not only that, they are super comfortable and light to wear too! The elasticated waist doesn’t press in uncomfortably anywhere and the relaxed, a little wider straight fit of the leg and the light material together guarantee that the trousers get to freely flare in the wind.
The best trousers for summer // The best trousers for summer

The best trousers of the summer // The best trousers of the summer


This time I combined the green silk pants with a light and casual collared shirt and sneakers. The trousers and collared shirt make the outfit stylish and well-groomed, but the sneakers bring relaxation and sportiness to the whole. But just as well, these green boots would work for this , for exampleWith the Almada Label top and high heels for some slightly finer occasion. And if there was a green blazer in the same shade somewhere, the costume-like ensemble would be absolutely gorgeous for a summer party. On a carefree hot beach day, pants, in turn, could be thrown over a swimsuit, and the beach look would immediately become urban. There are still cute sandals on the leg and a basket bag on the arm to swing, so the outfit would be perfect for a getaway date, a summer brunch or just hanging out in the city for summer. 


This time I styled the green silk trousers with a light and relaxed button shirt and sneakers. The snusers and the shirt keep the overall look more polished, while the sneakers bring a touch of casuality and sportiness into the outfit. However, the trousers would work equally well with eg thistop from Almada Label and a pair of high heels in some kind of a fancier situation. And if you styled the trousers with a blazer in similar color and shiny material, the suit style look would be absolutely gorgeous for any summer parties. On a Carefree summer day on the other hand you could throw the trousers on top of a swimsuit and that would instantly transform your beach look into a more city appropriate outfit. Just put on a pair of cute sandals and grab a basket bag into your arm, and you have yourself just the perfect summer outfit for eg an ice cream date, a summer brunch or just wandering around the city on a hot summer day. 

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