Everyone is sure to have certain garments that form the cornerstones of their own style. I have listed here a few clothes found in my wardrobe that have been so versatile to me that I have missed others this fall. I think this is going to stay in my closet year after year!
1. Black sweater
A snug sweater is probably the most versatile piece of clothing you can find. In particular, the polo-necked version works under a blazer or leather jacket, and when the air is still cooling it can be layered under a larger sweater.
2. White collared shirt
The oversize white collared shirt is suitable for casual wear as such, or on the top as if as a jacket.
3. Black straight pants
Black straight pants are my new admiration! Suitable for the coolest outfit, even for work or dinner, but can also be worn more casually with a sweater. You can also create a good evening dress by combining them with a more festive top.
4. Good jeans
Jeans to suit your body type always work. If whistle jeans are a thing of the day, then don’t believe in trends but follow your own style! Right now, I use the most basic denim-colored, straight, wide-legged pattern.
5. Black oversize blazer
A black blazer often feels like a bit of a boring look, but it really has a lot of use! I use a blazer especially when I want to look a little cooler, even in evening expenses and most important work situations, but combining it with jeans or leggings also makes it a more casual outfit.

6. Leather jacket
A quality leather jacket is an almost eternal purchase. In the mold is my aunt’s 70’s leather trance, which is still quite usable! I also think the classic biker model is worth the investment if it just fits your style.
7. Long trench coat
Another classic that lasts in the closet year after year. If the trench coat feels too classic or adult-like in your own style, then you might want to test the oversize model or leather version. The color of the trench coat is also worth thinking about a bit, because I myself have at least noticed that I enjoy the dark jacket much better than the light one.
8. Thick sweater
This conveniently extends the life of the trench coat and leather jacket. Also wonderful as such on a warm autumn day. For me, black is the most versatile sweater color, but the shades of oatmeal and caramel are also wonderful.
9. Big scarf
High-quality scarves are probably the best clothing purchases in terms of use. It’s also wonderful to wrap them indoors if you get to work in a cool office. I could worry about investing a little more money in my scarf, as long as I choose the print and color to fit most jackets. Balenciaga, I’m looking at you … ?

10. Long wool jacket

The perfect woolen jacket can be used at its best for many years to come. A good example of this is a little oversized black wool jacket that has been in use for probably the fifth winter.

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