The incomparable Andalusia

Day 4 Seville
– the heart of Andalusia… What can I say about it, except that it became our favorite city on this tour and remains so to this day after all our travels. The Guadalquivir River only complements the already enchanting landscape in this city. Alive and bright, full of history, with a unique architectural style and an unprecedented number of churches…

side view from outside - Seville Cathedral

The Royal Palace in Seville - the patio of the virgins

The Royal Palace in Seville – the patio of the virgins

Without exhausting the list, the Cathedral of Seville, the Iglesia del Salvador, Saint Nicholas, Santa Maria la Blanca are a must-see for those interested in religious sites. I remember every church we entered, with its atmosphere and radiance. Is it because we were lucky to walk there on Saturday night I do not know, but all but one were full for evening service with people of different ages… The more likely reason is – just another culture, which I guess is far more ennobling for the common man than the atheistic and nihilistic Bulgarian.

alcázar-de-seville-spainside view from outside - Seville Cathedral

side view from outside – Seville Cathedral

The streets of Seville are full of life until late. In the central part, shopping is possible for up to incredible hours, after which you can relax in one of the many tapas bars. Delicious food, dizzying red wine, friendly attitude, smiling people… Is there anything to comment on this?

Day 5 Seville
The Royal Palace (Alcazar) in Seville can be seen in half a day, but if you rush down the sloping plane to photograph all the things that make an impression, you will not have enough of the day. He is so beautiful! It is located opposite the Cathedral . Next to it is the Giralda Tower .


The Royal Palace in Seville

They are close to the old Jewish quarter – narrow and picturesque streets in the center of Seville, with small square courtyards with orange trees and small shops where you can find everything.

Alcazar, Seville - pavilionAlcazar, Seville - pavilion

Alcázar de Sevilla

Plaza de España in Maria Luisa Park is also a must-see in Seville.
If you have a lot of time, you can visit a bunch of other sights such as the Golden Tower along the Guadalquivir River, the Andalusian Parliament building (former Spanish Renaissance hospital), the Trade Guild building, which houses the General Archives of the Spanish Empire. , ruled South America and the Philippines, the Macarena Basilica (Nuestra senora de la Esperanza Macarena), city walls, hospitals, gates (Puerta del Sol)?– There are some in every Spanish city… Everywhere you go, you will see an architectural landmark, because in Seville it’s just like that.

Day 6 Seville – Cordoba – Granada
In the morning we left the hotel in Seville and headed northeast. We liked the Andalusian capital so much that we didn’t believe another place would impress us after it, but it turned out not to be – fortunately, of course. We were about to see many more cities in Spain and we did not know that in each one we will find a different charm and a different atmosphere, still pleasant and memorable.

Mesquite de CordobaMesquita de Cordoba, Spain

Mesquita de Cordoba, Spain

After Seville we first stopped in Cordoba . We looked at the impressive mosque-cathedral Mesquita de Córdoba for hours and photographed from different angles. Built in the 10th century during the Moorish rule, Mesquite was then the largest mosque in the world. Then it was turned into a Catholic cathedral and today it is the mix of styles and influences that leaves the traveler with his mouth open the first time he enters.

Mesquite de Cordoba

Mesquite de Cordoba

After the Mesquite, we wandered the narrow streets of the old Jewish quarter with white houses, orange trees, shops and restaurants. It is no coincidence that these landmarks of Cordoba are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
In the evening we arrived in Granada and the next day we were to see another marvel of architectural art – the Alhambra.

Day 7 Granada – Madrid
We had bought tickets from the Internet with a specified time to visit, which you either strictly observe, or you are mercilessly sent to the entrance of the Alhambra . We waited in the long line of tourists in our time interval and went inside.



Both before and after this visit I watched many films about Alambra and I must say that nothing can compare with the real view of the palace, with feeling the atmosphere in it and experiencing it in real life. It can’t be described, so I won’t try. The Alhambra is a must-see, even if one is faced with the hypothetical choice of visiting only one place in Spain.

view of Granada from the Alhambra Palaceview of Granada from the Alhambra Palace

view of Granada from the Alhambra Palace

After Granada we continued to Madrid. This is one of the longest hikes in the tour of Portugal and Spain, but because of the convenient highways it did not weigh us down. We arrived in the evening and stayed in a wonderful hotel in the center of the Spanish capital, one of the most pleasant hotels during this trip, where we were generally very lucky with their choice.

to be continued

gardens in the Alhambragardens in the Alhambra

gardens in the Alhambra

Alcazar, SevilleAlcazar, Seville

Alcazar, Seville

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