Today there will be a post in the beauty section, which, in general, is not dedicated to cosmetics, but rather to self-awareness. I will tell you about my most important part of self-care. Well, I think the most important.

I’ll start from afar. So it turns out that the morning part of my self-care happens pretty quickly for me. I can’t say it’s crumpled. I just don’t have much time in the morning. Yes, and my thoughts are already set on what I will be busy with during the day. But in the evening I try to give myself maximum attention (of course, within the available time). Very often there is an opinion of cosmetologists that in the matter of skin care it is important not even what kind of products you use, but the regularity and correctness of the approach. I would add here that it is very important to treat this not as a heavy duty, but as a pleasant and relaxing procedure. In the evening, I do not just apply serum and cream on my face, but do a small massage along the massage lines and try to relax as much as possible at this stage.

But the main part of my evening ritual happens already when I’m in bed and getting ready to sleep. Many years ago, I began to notice that I had a habit of wrinkling my forehead. And because of this habit, horizontal stripes began to appear on the forehead, although age does not at all favor this. Then I took matters into my own hands. Thinking that no means would help if the habit of puckering remained, I first of all took up the fact that I began to control my facial expressions, catch myself trying to frown and, on occasion, remind myself to relax the muscles of the face completely. By the way, I got rid of the habit of grimacing very quickly in this way. And as a bonus, I was left with the habit of controlling facial expressions and “keeping my face” at peace. And I liked this calm state of the muscles on my face so much that I thought about can you relax them even more? This is how my nightly practice appeared, which can be called both meditation and beauty ritual at the same time.

How does this happen? Lying on my back, I just try to imagine that my face is made up of several layers of muscles. And I try to gradually relax these muscles layer by layer. This is indeed a very meditative activity. It gives you the opportunity to feel yourself (the body, by the way, also begins to relax). And it is very good to enter into such a state of rest before going to bed, so that later at night you can sleep better. (otherwise it sometimes happens to me that I want to sleep, and my mind still thinks out what is not finished during the day – I “finish” the texts mentally or solve problems. In such cases, without such a relaxation exercise, it’s difficult to fall asleep at all).

What did this practice of relaxing the facial muscles give me in general? First, this is what my face looks like at rest. Have you noticed that in people, when they do not express anything with their faces, the muscles themselves create a certain “mask” on the face. It’s about how angry people start to look ugly because their face is already used to expressing anger. And in cheerful smiling people, even at rest, the muscles line up in a light “smile”. And my muscles at rest … line up in a state of rest 🙂 I think this is a good method of preventing expression lines. Secondly, this is a very interesting fact, but such a “peace” on the face – and inside creates some kind of feeling of peace. And it’s very cool. And it greatly affected my calmness, control over emotions and the state of the nervous system in general.

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