I must say right away that I have been nurturing this post for a very long time. Because the topic is very painful and very important for me personally. And thinking. for many. So I want to believe that all the information I have accumulated about hair loss and how to deal with this disaster will help those for whom it is relevant.

I have dealt with the problem of hair loss twice in my life. The first time it happened in high school: work for the “gold medal” took a lot of strength and nerves. Sitting up late for lessons and various school projects, running to classes with tutors and worrying about every grade – all this could not but tell on my health. And one day, during the test, out of habit, I put my fingers in my hair (to think better) and felt a small area of ​​bare skin. After numerous trips to the doctors, the diagnosis was clear – alopecia areata, but it remained unclear: what is the true cause and how to treat it?

If you don’t know what alopecia areata looks like, it’s a small “bald patch”. I had something like this (photo not mine)

At that time (the end of the nineties), little was known about this problem. And they wrote even less. Although, when I started doing examinations, looking for reasons and consulting doctors, I saw that the problem is very common.
What exactly is the cause of alopecia in each case is very difficult to establish. Yes, and it is also difficult to treat. Treatment usually has two vectors: eliminating the original cause of alopecia and stimulating the hair follicles, if they are still alive and capable of producing new hair.

In desperation, I used everything that was offered: from my grandmother’s methods, such as onion tincture with alcohol (in theory, it should irritate the skin, cause blood flow and thereby activate the hair follicles) to complex liver treatment regimens under the supervision of a doctor from a republican hospital. What exactly worked – I still do not know. But worst of all, the problem returned. A few years later, I again found an “empty place” on my head. This time, hair loss was accompanied by hormonal problems, so the search for the cause was somewhat simplified. But by and large, the treatment regimen remained the same: it seems that doctors prescribe external and internal drugs at random. But the hormones stabilized and the hair returned to its place again.

When, after the birth of my second child, I noticed that my hair began to actively fall out, and not just fall out … it looked like androgenetic alopecia – male pattern baldness. The zones on both sides of the forehead noticeably thinned out. My condition was close to hysteria. The problem of hair loss, which I seemed to have forgotten forever, returned to me again, and now from the other side. And just at that time, representatives of the drug Minox 2 approached me with a proposal to test it. Needless to say, I gladly agreed.


Androgenetic alopecia or androgyny is a common problem in women after childbirth. And if the hormones after childbirth in most cases return to normal by themselves, then the hair follicles sometimes require some stimulation in order to work in full force. Also, a similar problem is often found in older women. I suspect that this is the result of the lack of attention paid to hair support after childbirth, and over the years the problem has only worsened.

The remedy offered to me – Minox 2 – does not contain hormones. It stimulates the hair follicles: it expands the capillaries and the bulbs receive more nutrition, which stimulates their growth. In mild cases, such as postpartum hair loss, this will be enough to restore the hair. In difficult cases, it is possible to combine the main treatment prescribed by the doctor, aimed at eliminating the cause (hormones, stress, intoxication) with the application of the external drug Minox 2.

Compared to many products (especially from the category of “home recipes”), this is simply a miracle. The lotion is practically odorless. And then after all sorts of “vigorous” compositions with onion juice it was very dangerous to get caught in the rain – you could become an object of hatred of others 🙂 A convenient jar with a spray makes it convenient to spot the drug in the necessary areas. The main thing is to make sure that the product does not get on the skin of the face.

Here is how a specialist talks about the composition of Minox 2:
The active ingredient of the lotion is minoxidine. It is one of the varieties of potassium channel activators (AKK). Its trans isomeric form is very close to known minoxidil (but the minoxidin molecule is smaller) and works similarly. The molecule is very small, due to which it can penetrate deep enough – into the papillary layer of the skin (hair papilla – the center of hair growth) expands the capillaries, improving blood microcirculation, and thus accelerating the metabolism of the follicle).

In my particular case, in problem areas (above the forehead on both sides), there was an increased growth of new hair. It was immediately noticeable, because small strands appeared, knocking out of the hairstyle. They warn that at first the loss may even increase, but in my case this was not the case.

Personally, I was interested in the question: is it really now always necessary to maintain hair with the help of drugs. It turned out that it all depends on the condition of the follicles. Sometimes one course is enough to “push” the bulbs to growth. This is for simple cases like my postpartum hair loss. If the cause of hair loss cannot be completely eliminated, then yes, you will have to use the drug more or less constantly, because without such support, the hair will fall out. In general, to support already treated hair, it is recommended to use the drug in courses every three months, if necessary.

Here is an interesting video in which a volunteer demonstrates the results of applying the drug for 6 months. By the way, I have seen evidence that minoxidine works even better on women than on men.I really hope that nevertheless my readers will not have to face similar problems. And if this has already happened, I hope that my post was useful for you. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments. I will invite a specialist and she will answer everything.

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