My 3 favorite red lipsticks

What is the reference of your lipstick? is by far one of the questions you ask me most often on my blog and on my social networks. As you will have noticed, I am a big fan of red lipstick and, even if I sometimes wear other colors that are more nude or burgundy, there is a 98% chance that I will wear bright red lipstick if you meet me in the street!

Red is the color with which I feel the most “me”: I prefer to favor lighter make-up on the eyes and wear a mouth in a beautiful bright color because I find that it makes me look good with my clear complexion !

Without further ado, here are the top 3 red lipsticks that I wear most often on the blog and on my social networks (they are not ranked in order of preference, I love them all equally)

Phyto Lip Twist de Sisley – coloris 18 Tango


I’ve been wearing Sisley’s Phyto Lip Twist lipstick in color 18 Tango for more than 2 years now . For me, it’s THE perfect red, as luminous as you can wish and suitable for all skin tones. It’s THE ideal color for day and night, a real cherry red that gives you a healthy glow!

It has an amazing, creamy and hydrating texture that doesn’t dry out the lips at all. It is very easy to apply and its hold is truly stunning: no more touch-ups, you can apply it in the morning without having to worry about it running off during the day (a little touch-up after lunch can give it back a beautiful look). uniform color!) It is very well worth its price and even by wearing it every day, you are not ready to overcome it 😉


Rouge 12h from Bourjois – color Cherry My Chérie


I don’t even remember how long I’ve been using Rouge Edition 12h by Bourjois – color Cherry My Chérie  but I’ve been faithful to it for years (do you remember this shoot ? I was already a fan of this RAL since long back then!)

There are various lovely reds in their collection (notably Rouge Your Body) but my favorite remains the  Cherry My Chérie colour , a very beautiful bright red with a very slight hint of orange . It is very easy to apply, has an ideal moisturizing texture and absolutely keeps its promise of 12h wear! He is BLUFFING! I wear it with the T06 Tout Rouge de Bourjois lip pencil underneath and I promise you that with this combination your lipstick will not budge all day and will even resist meals! The good news is that it is very accessible in terms of price for a breathtaking rendering and you can even buy it in several colors 😉

Tip for the pencil: use it to draw the outline of your lips but also “color” the inside of your lips roughly with it before applying your lipstick: so there is no risk of having only the outline left. end of the day + the pencil makes an excellent base to improve the hold of your RAL!


Clinique Pop Matte – Ruby Pop colorway


Last but not least, another one of my little favorites since its release:  Clinique’s Matte Pop in Ruby Pop  ! I really like shiny lipsticks but I have to say that for some time now the rendering of matte lipsticks has really appealed to me. The concern that they often have the defect of drying out the lips and so far I have worn most of my lipsticks for a few hours in the evening rather than every day during the day for the sake of comfort. I gave a shout of victory when I discovered  Clinique’s Matte pops  because they are matte AND hydrating! Revolution !

This lipstick is a real wonder to apply and wear, without the risk of having uncomfortable lips throughout the day because it contains a smoothing base that moisturizes and smoothes the lips on application. Its color is quite unique and I have not found any equivalent elsewhere: it is red but with a slight hint of pink which makes it very soft and can be a little less daring for those who are still a little cautious about very bright red ! It’s definitely one of my basics 🙂

I also invite you to discover Clinique’s non-matte Pop Clinique range, which I also really like and which you could have seen in my 24h video shot last May ! I very often wear the Poppy Pop color from this range, especially in summer when I want a super fresh orange-red!

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