This is how you get more out of your day

This is how you can start the day without much effort, but with more taste and lasting energy. Our tips for a better breakfast.

Ein good breakfast is important. It is the basis of the day, gives us energy, prevents hunger pangs and keeps our mind and body efficient. Nevertheless, the most important meal of the day is not always a success. But that’s changing now: With these tips for a better, uncomplicated and delicious breakfast.

Have a better breakfast – this is how it works:


1 There is simply no time for lengthy preparation in the morning . If you still want to have a good breakfast, you should be active the evening before . One of the best and healthiest breakfast dishes is porridge, which can be prepared the night before and needs enough time to swell anyway.


2 Variety in the dishes is important not only for the taste and enjoyment of breakfast, but above all for a balanced supply of nutrients. Good preparation is half the battle here, too. For example, at the beginning of the week you can write a list of what should be on your breakfast table. Prepared accordingly, you can then go shopping and look forward to the start of the day.

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Little sugar

3 If you let the insulin level skyrocket in the morning with sugar , you will also feel more cravings for sweets throughout the day. Low-sugar breakfast dishes such as quark, eggs, raw vegetables, cheese or wholemeal bread are therefore better.

Fiber instead of fast carbohydrates

4 White bread, croissants and cornflakes are well-known breakfast classics that taste delicious but are unfortunately not particularly effective. Due to their low fiber and complex carbohydrate content, they do not fill you up for long. Foods like porridge, brown bread, nuts, eggs, cheese, or cottage cheese are better choices; they contain long-acting fiber and complex carbohydrates .

Schedule a second breakfast

5 Either the morning is too hectic or you don’t have an appetite yet, so you don’t want to eat much in the morning. No problem. In this case you simply plan a second breakfast. Food to go (e.g. sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs or porridge in a glass) are perfect for this.

drinking instead of eating

6 You simply don’t have an appetite in the morning, but still don’t want to miss breakfast? Then try a compromise: smoothies and healthy milkshakes fill your stomach without overwhelming you.

Snacking allowed

7 Breakfast should not only be healthy, it should also be fun. That’s why you should treat yourself to something every now and then. Chocolate croissants, sweet waffles or blueberry muffins are allowed if you treat yourself to them as a kind of dessert after a healthy breakfast.

Eat outdoors

8 Many cafés or bakeries are open early in the morning and some offer very healthy breakfast ideas. Maybe you treat yourself to a set day a week where you eat breakfast out. This little ritual brings you among people and lets you start the day comfortably.

create mood

9 With breakfast you create the basis for the day. Therefore, consciously take your time for your new breakfast ritual. With soft lighting, your favorite music and fresh flowers on the table, the appetite for a good breakfast and an even better day often comes naturally. A little tip: It’s worth getting up a few minutes earlier so that you have more time for breakfast.

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