How black food is conquering Instagram

“All Black” is the motto of the most coveted food trend in social networks. We’ll show you what the hyped black food is all about.

What looks like a burnt pizza base and charred hot dog is actually the latest food trend on Instagram. The whole web is currently full of posts featuring the coveted black food . The hype from Asia has spread rapidly, from New York to us in Europe.

Whether waffles, burgers or ice cream – with this food trend almost everything is colored black. Black Food is colored with tasteless activated carbon and is even healthy. The ash obtained by burning the shell of coconuts has a detoxifying effect on the body.

In medicine, activated charcoal tablets are often used for diarrhea, nausea and poisoning. Activated charcoal has the ability to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract that are ingested through food.

Not even drinks are safe from this hype. You can even find the activated carbon particles in coffee, lemonades and smoothies. The creation, in which white milk foam is combined with black colored coffee, is called “Gothic Latte”. Black is also the new green when it comes to smoothies. Black smoothies are replacing poisonous green detox drinks.

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