I will save you time and doubts about the “correctness” of dinner: only vegetables and fats (seeds, nuts, oils, olives) are enough. You can add eggs in any form or fish, you can sea food, even from freezing, but globally this approach “3 vegetables + 2 types of fats + bake = dinner” is simple and working.

?I’ll sketch out 10 ideas, but you can also use what is available and in the season:

• green beans+mushrooms+cauliflower+leek, olive oil, pumpkin seeds

• cauliflower + garlic cloves + dill + butter + olive oil + any seeds

• pumpkin with peel + chili + cinnamon + fresh herbs to it and any seeds

• grated zucchini or zucchini + carrot + green onion + egg + 2 tbsp. chickpea or nut flour + butter

• pierce the eggplant with a fork and bake under the grill + carrots/parsley root/parsnips or any other vegetable available, ready to drizzle with olive oil (black crusts can not be eaten ? they add a smoked taste)

• any mushrooms + chop any fragrant herb such as rosemary or thyme with salt and olive oil, butter, roast walnuts with a chili bite, fresh herbs

• celery stalks + a lot of garlic + olive oil, beat into a creamy soup and sprinkle with seeds

• in season – asparagus or green beans, they need 3 minutes at 220C under the grill and a generous portion of butter, next to them are just olives and greens, poured with tahini

• just warm broccoli and leek (you can take green garlic or sweet onions), next to the ingredients you will find out: arugula, olives, cucumber

• in season – mushrooms + sweet onions + butter, corn or any available vegetable with butter

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