I caught myself on the fact that for about half a year, several very specific habits related to beauty, well-being and self-care have appeared in my life. It seems to me that these habits, at least a little, but changed my life for the better. So I decided to share them with the readers.

1.Massage with a stiff brush before an evening shower. Even when I have absolutely no strength, I try to devote at least a few minutes to this massage. What does brushing affect? First of all, on blood circulation and skin condition. Yes, cellulite will not go away very much from this. But the beginning of varicose veins is very well inhibited. And such a massage is the first thing that the phlebologist recommended to me after the examination. And the skin itself has become less dry and flaky. Improved circulation plus constant exfoliation worked great for her. On days when I don’t have pole workouts the next morning / day, I can add one more procedure to this massage: massage with special rollers with the addition of anti-cellulite oil or cream. I have no illusions that this will completely get rid of my problem. But outwardly, the condition improves quite well.

2. Herbal tea. I have never been able to completely give up black tea with sugar. My blood pressure is still too dependent on this drink. But I decided to reduce the amount of sugar and caffeine / tannin, and at least replace one or two cups a day with herbal tea. Now my morning starts with Lovare Ginger Morning. Contains ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel and mint. Quite well tones and helps to wake up. In general, if you have been thinking for a long time that it is worth reducing the level of coffee or tea consumption, follow my example. For starters, give up one cup.

3. Once upon a time, I was prescribed darsonval. But I was too lazy to go to the clinic for procedures, so I just bought a simple Korona device made in Kharkov. The set cost 400 UAH and at the price of 40 UAH per procedure at the clinic at that time, it fully paid for itself already during the first course. And then he lay at home without action. And then I thought, why do I have such a valuable thing idle? The first thing I decided to do was hair. Comb nozzle and every day procedure for five minutes. Hair ionization plus scalp stimulation. I go through about ten procedures every two months. It would be possible at least every day, but for some reason it seems to me that such courses are more correct. Also, darsonvalization is great for the skin of the face, for cauterization of point inflammations. A couple of days ago in the Medtech store I saw that a new device now costs UAH 1000, but the price for the procedure in the salon has already increased to at least 150. So it’s a good buy anyway.

darsonval corona pictures

4. This paragraph is not about personal care, but about cosmetics. One of the main rules that I have introduced for myself this year is not to buy or open new cosmetics until the old ones are over. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to smear the tube despite the allergy or the fact that the product did not fit. But this means that I no longer have three started washing and four tonics on my shelf at the same time, which then have to be thrown away due to the fact that they stood open for too long, and I did not have time to use them completely. This approach somewhat impoverished my beauty section, but in general made my relationship with cosmetics healthier and saved me a certain amount of money.

stowaway cosmetic kit |  My favorite minimalist waste-free brands |  @minimalistgigi

5. This is not a habit, but a revised strategy for skin care. I have completely eliminated my morning routine for the time being. For a long time, I noticed that my skin looks best right after waking up. And after all these washes, creams and other things, she is more annoyed than looks well-groomed. And I decided in the morning not to touch my face at all. Everything I do with my skin I do in the evening and before bed. (Trips to the beautician do not count, of course). This gives the skin a chance to rest and regenerate at night. If I start doing something in the morning, then the red spots on my sensitive skin can last all day. I’m not talking about this so that you can also cancel your morning routine, but so that in general you better listen to yourself and your needs, and not just use ready-made care schemes drawn up according to general principles.

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