What is the specialized sneaker site Wethenew really worth?

Sell ​​and buy sneakers on Wethenew!

First impressions

A priori, nothing unusual when you arrive on the homepage of the specialized sneaker siteWethenew !

Sneaker galleries filled with the latest and most classic novelties , whosecolors are as varied as thebrandsrepresented.

In the middle of the page, there is a slide that guarantees the authenticity of the references sold. With access to an FAQ that answers explicitly and transparently to all the questions that a buyer or a seller would be legitimate to ask.

By clicking on a model, we find (finally!) a personalized product sheet , with precise and rich information. A real happiness for the  sneakers addicted  that you are😉

At the bottom of the page, the traditional footer is also present. Allowing you to easily get in touch with Wethenewand access the  T&Cs and T&Cs , as well as the  services and products  offered!

Focus on the creators of the specialized sneaker site Wethenew!

Wethenew sneaker review

A duo of sneakers and streetwear enthusiasts have taken on the crazy bet of following in the footsteps of the American giant StockX ! But with the difference, with a concrete service close to French consumers.

A pioneer, the specialized sneaker site Wethenew opens the way to reseling, the French way, to all fans of urban culture! With the guarantee of finding them authentic sneakers , never worn, rare or out of stock, thanks to its large network of certified retailers !

Thus promising the bond of trust between buyers and resellers.

The Wethenew team now has more than 70 internal members!

Beyond those who work for and with Wethenew , we wanted to assess the influence of the specialized sneaker site Wethenew . And the result, in number of subscribers, is clear:

  • Instagram: 1,000,000
  • TikTok: 474,600
  • Facebook: 76,323

The community has spoken… and stratospherizes with it the questionable opinions regarding the reliability of Wethenew !

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