The different costume-like outfits still fascinate me a lot, because there is something famous about them. They always look stylish and well-groomed, and also give a boost to your own mood. A blazer and suit pants are always a sure choice, but now in the summer it’s nice to change long legs to shorter ones and wear a suit look consisting of shorts and a blazer.
I’m still very much into all kinds of different suit inspired looks. They just simply have that good old something in them. They are always chic and put-together, and they also give you a Massive fashion boost. A blazer and a pair of suit trousers is always a Foolproof option, but now that it’s summer its nice to switch the long legs into Shorter ones and put on a suit outfit consisting of shorts and a blazer.
Beige outfit for summer // Beige outfit for summer


There is no ready-made shorts set in my closet, but separate shorts and a blazer with the same shade world run it very well. Of course, in the finished set, the shades would be exactly the same at the top and bottom, but on the other hand, slightly different shades of the same shade look good together and create a sufficiently cohesive whole. This costume look was made up of beige elements in different shades: the top is Almada Label, the shorts from NA-KD and the blazer is KappAhlin. Dressed together, the end result is a wonderfully casual and summer short dress where I had a great time. The white Converses bring a little more freshness to the outfit, and the summer uniform basket basket adds a bit more summer.


I don’t have an actual shorts and blazer set ready in my wardrobe, but separate shorts and blazer in the same color tone serve that purpose really well too. Obviously in an actual set the tones of the items would be exactly the same in the blazer and in the shorts. But then again, the slightly different hues of the same tone also look really nice together and create a consistent look. I put together this suit outfit with items in different tones of beige: the top is by Almada Label, the shorts are from NA-KD, and the blazer is by KappAhl. When worn together the final look is a casual and summery shorts suit that I really loved to wear. The white low-top Converse shoes bring a touch of freshness to the look, and the every summer’s black bag, the basket bag, adds to the summer vibes of the outfit.

Beige shorts suit summer fashion // Beige shorts suit summer fashion

Beige shorts suit // Beige shorts suit


Thus, a summer suit can easily be created from clothes that are already ready in the wardrobe. It’s easy to try other colors in other colors, and a white blazer with white shorts, for example, would look great! And still especially wonderful and summery if you can find a white linen puller and linen shorts in the closet. Also, brighter colors like my currently favorite green or super trendy orange are also great for shorts. And if the prints feel like their own thing, then in a showy print, a glowing shortsuit is a great summer outfit.
In addition to the colors, you can change the whole by wearing a skirt instead of shorts. This summer, 21st century style miniskirts are really trendy and they go well with blazers as well. The classic blazer and short miniskirt create a stylish whole that also has a slight contrast between classicism and trendiness / sexy.


So, you might very well have pieces for a Summery suit look already in your wardrobe. This kind of a look is also easy to try with different colors, and for example a white blazer with a pair of white shorts would create such a gorgeous summer suit outfit. And especially gorgeous if the blazer and shorts happened to be linen too. Brighter colors, such as my personal favorite green or super trendy orange, are also stunning in Summery suit outfits. And if you’re a print wearer, then definitely go for a bright and bold suit look.
It’s not just colors that can bring variety to the summer suit outfit. Wearing a skirt instead of shorts gives you a lot more options too. This summer the 2000s inspired mini skirts are very trendy, and they work really well with Blazers too. Together the classic blazer and the short mini skirt create a trendy look that creates an interesting contrast between classy smartness and trendiness / sexiness.

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