Over the past year, I’ve been in the habit of going through the wardrobe every now and then to see if there’s anything I no longer need  – jeans with a squeezing waist, clothes that no longer fit my style, or uncomfortable shoes that just never get worn. In the spring, I do a bigger cleaning where I put on the flea market the clothes that have fallen out of the game. This has been perhaps the best way for me to get polished in style and find the clothes that will be used the most in everyday life.

There are many ways to clean your wardrobe and you really don’t have to do the whole job at once. Especially if the wardrobe has never gone through properly, the task can be quite a bit, but every time cleaning is a little easier. I’m also not so minimalist as to get rid of just about anything I don’t use, and especially in the early qualifiers, you don’t have to be too strict. I have allowed myself to save a few clothes that seem important that have been associated with important moments in life. However, most of my old clothes have been allowed to continue their journey to new homes or recycling.

I have now done this cleaning a few times over the last year and the amount of clothes has dropped quite a bit. This has been so helpful to me that I wanted to list the main reasons why a wardrobe is worth going through.


When you cut out the clothes you are no longer excited about in your wardrobe, you better understand what your own style really is. Giving up old clothes can be hard, but when you dare to do so, you should always be excited about what you’re wearing.


When cleaning your wardrobe, you will notice well what clothes you are actually wearing and what has only been used a few times. Personally, at least I’ve found that classic basic clothing is my own most used clothing and copes best with these cleanups, while trendy clothing – which I was really excited about at the beginning – has remained in that few uses. Attention must also be paid to the quality of clothing when you see how different materials have lasted in use.


After going through the wardrobe, it is easier to see if you need to buy new clothes, or if there is something in the closet that is already driving the same thing. When you know exactly what you already own, it’s easier to think about whether you need a new pair of black sweaters or a pair of jeans when looking at new clothes. It’s also easier for me nowadays to leave “stumps” and various momentary trendy clothes in the store because I know they won’t last in my wardrobe for years.


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